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The Metropolitan Museum of Art has made over 500 art and art history books available for free.

I wish the PDF downloads were OCR’ed, but at least the Google Books editions are searchable.

Too much troubleshooting of my Mastodon instance; not enough working.

Kasterlee Marathon this morning will be my second in three weeks. Will be mostly through the woods in mud and in the low 40s.

Killing time until the late start is the hardest part.

Wish this interview with Mat Dryhurst went deeper on the possibilities crypto provides for artists to control their creative assets but I’m looking forward to following up on his work elsewhere

Hokule'a is the flagship of the Polynesian Voyaging Society. Malma Honoua, is the mission to 'care for our earth' by recreating non-electric, traditional Polynesian deep water voyaging. They have sailed around the world, reconstructed traditional navigation and formed friendship ties with thousands of people, including Native tribes in North America. They regularly draw attention to Climate Change in the Asia Pacific and the science and technology of Indigenous peoples.

My first post here. A stressed day trying to write a new chapter of my book on squatters' movements. I am feeling inspired by the millions of people who migrated to this virtual space and want to overthrow the authoritarian rule of this cruel world. Keep writing, keep fighting!

Succinct explanation from Darius Kazemi about ActivityPub. I’m hopeful (but not too optimistic). Have a couple of project ideas that have been hanging around for a while that may be more interesting with an ActivityPub component.

Inspired to roll my own instance by this episode of the Too Much Not Enough Podcast

Mastodon is one server in the network