I would love to try to recreate how Hiva Alizadeh layers these threads in ways that work both sculpturally and as images. shiringallery.com/exhibitions/

These handkerchiefs from the new Dries Van Noten line featuring art from Robert Beatty… robertbeattyart.com/Dries-Van-

I love all the work the negative space does in these ink drawings of L.A. scenes by Christoph Niemann christophniemann.com/portfolio

These orange banded quarter-cylinder tiles make for one of my favorite doorways on the morning commute.

Love this peekaboo window over the water in the little café by our house.

There are some great looking 5.25” floppy sleeves archived here, but I’m partial to this cornball exclamation point made from the hole in the diskette. disksleeves.com

Taking time away from client work to do some personal organizing at a cafe by the Zuivelbrug.

Playing with some procedural distortions of landscape photos from the Farm Security Administration collection at Library of Congress


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